• Allied Facilities Management

Our Commitment

The success of Allied Civil Management is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day in order that the customer makes the decision to choose our services. We sell services and service is provided by people. There are no magic formulas.

Our success is guaranteed by creative, productive employees who are empowered to make suggestions while thinking “outside the box.” Your job, every job, is essential to fulfilling our mission to “provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service” every day to more people who “trust and respect” us.

Our Performance

We offer our clients a full complement of engineering solutions, from telecommunications to electrical and even construction. We lead with our experience and innovative solutions.

Our Reliability

Allied Civil Management is a steadfast leader in the engineering management industry. Locally owned and operated. Our staff will work with you to deliver your project on time, on budget and with full satisfaction.

Our Experience

At Allied Civil Management, we pride ourselves on offering quality services, solution and value for money. We value our relationship with new and long-standing clients and strive to provide the best services and solutions. We understand value is not just cost, but productivity and effectiveness. Allied incorporate this though our ability to select and train our personnel to embrace the tasks they are presented.

Our People

We understand the importance of our people. Our team is made up of carefully selected highly motivated, well trained individuals who share the same values as our business. These are the conduits to our joint success.

Our people are highly trained professional who are armed with customer service skills and local knowledge. With their friendly attitude and commitment to excellence our people will ensure your customers have the environment deserving. We ensure our service provides what our clients need for continued success.

We invest heavily in our people. Our selection criteria are particular so that we ensure we have the right people in the right roles. We also invest in providing the education and training our people need to continue to provide the high levels of professionalism we require for our clients.

Stages of Success – We have…

  • Pre-start Induction Attendance training
  • Site Induction Program
  • Continuous Learning and Development Program
  • Recognise, Appreciate and Reward our people.

Our values

reflect our purpose, our priorities and the beliefs by which we conduct ourselves. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Through collaboration, integrity, client focus, professionalism, and community, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish.

Our values are the fundamental basis of our sustainability management system along with our Code of Conduct and distinctive policies. Our transparency and honesty ensure we continually hold ourselves to high standards.

A Trusting Supportive Ongoing Partnership is our promise to you!

Client Focus

At the centre of our business are our clients. All the work we perform and our success is built on customer satisfaction.


Allied advocated integrity within our organisation. Our people adhere to high ethics and moral principles.


Our ability to foster a collabrative evrionment within the business and with our client is key to our success.


We provide and expect our people to deliver professional services


Allied is a community-driven organisation. We promote and suport safe and secure comunity evnironments.

Guaranteed Results

Not only we train you, but we also work with you to ensure you get desired results.